Breakfast is essential for you to get a good start to the day. That is why mornings at Manny’s revolve around the organic food in our breakfast buffet. You can help yourself to a tasty mix of healthy and delicious food here. If you work it out, you’ll find that we serve over 100 energising breakfast items every morning. Since we know that food contributes to a better world, we serve organic products and  we also serve  coffee.

You never know when you get the urge for something to eat. In our shop you find sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee 24 hours a day. A good start to the day    

  • An organic breakfast is always available for you    
  • The coffee is Fairtrade™ or UTZ Good Origin certified    
  • Gluten- and lactose-free products are available    
  • It’s easy to find healthy alternatives    
  • We have been concentrating on reducing our food waste since 2013


Allergy-friendly breakfast

Breakfast buffet to suit everyone, frodifferent types of food allergies and for vegans




When you drink coffee you contribute to a better life for farmers.