Manny’s attraction is not only the eclectic array of mouth-watering morsels garnished and served with a generous dose of smiling hospitality. The fine dining ambience that exudes from its spacious and well-appointed locale makes Manny’s a favorite eatery for those who have already discovered the place. It is an oasis of calm and solace that provides guests with much-needed relief from the frenzied din of city

In an enclave within the premises and carefully crafted to resonate the Latin mood, the Tapas Bar offers a cozy space to relax and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues over ‘tapas’ and drinks. A spacious
temperature-controlled gazebo provides a dining area for those who opt to dine inside. Mannys offers another dining area in the garden area where films are screened in the cool comfort of the evenings.

Continesian delicacies (a fusion of continental and east-Asian cuisine), created with passion and dexterity by our chefs, together with a wide range of cocktails and other beverages give a tingle and tease to the
taste buds. The genuine smiles of the staff add yet another valuable dimension to your dining experience.

Ample parking is available and accessible.

Set in a garden of birds you can leave the heat and the hustle of the city behind.

Bon Appetit !